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The Brussels Airport is quite effortlessly accessible. When you are on the Brussels ring road, take care marked directions from the airport Signage. Ensure that you give yourself lots of time to get to the airport from wherever you are staying if the time is a busy period. You can get your travel route together beforehand when you go on websites like Mappy, GPS, Maporama and ViaMechelin. In majority of GPS structures, Brussels Airport generally comes under Points of Interest – POI. Another way is to go to the crossroads Vilvoordelaan/A201 at Zaventem 1930. The crossroads can be found at the start of the airport access road.

When your travels take you to Belgium, the airport may be quickly accessed by shuttle, train or car (including taxi). Passengers that are from the Netherlands and France will experience the exceptional uncongested and convenient highway network. When you visit one of the most popular locations in Brussels, Brugge, you will see right away that artistic and architectural ancient treasures are painstakingly held and cherished by the city. The city is quite welcoming and persons who come through Brussels Airport should make a stop there if they want to add pleasant and lasting memories to your trip.

This is the most ideal way to get to Brugge from Brussels Airport – go onto Highway E411 which you will notice as soon as you depart from the direction of the airport. Since there are three highway entrances when you leave the area of the airport, you should check with the car hire counter to find out the listed towns on the entrance of the highway. Drive for ten minutes then take an exit on highway E40 heading to Gent-Aalst/Brussels. Drive for approximately 80 km towards the Kortrijk, Zeebrugge, Rooselare and Brugge exit. Go where the signs indicate that you will see in Brussels at this point. When you go into Brugge the walled city can be found to the left. Signs with the parking symbol can be found where the train station is. It is more ideal to park your car in the garage because the city is found a little outside of this location. You will not miss it as the highways are marked clearly. It is advised that you don't try to do any parking in old Brugge as it is quite impossible nearly to locate a parking place and several of the area’s streets needs major repairs.

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