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Brussels Airport Buses

As a passenger landing at Brussels Airport, you will learn that there are great and historical things to see in and around the airport. After getting your fill of all the wonderful things that the airport is offering, you will now need to go and discover all that you can for the duration of your stay, whether it is for pleasure or business.

There is a bus station that is situated at Level 0; that is, a floor away from the hall that accommodates arrivals, going in the down direction. Individuals can reach it easily by elevators as well as escalators. Three platforms are centrally positioned at the station and each of them has a particular use that is separate from the others.

A bus company, De Lijn, runs bus service that is of an express nature to railway stations – Line 471 NATO, Line 471 Brussels North as well as Line 659 Roodebeek, which is an underground station. In addition, the Lines 681/682/683 are also operated by De Lijn as regional services going to Mechelen. Other bus destinations include:

  • 651 and 652 – Leuven
  • 683, 281 and 282 – Vilvoorde
  • 821 – Merchtem
  • 272 – Brussels North Station
  • 820 – Jette
  • 820 – Expo
  • 272 – Haacht
  • 272, 282 – Diegem
  • 359 – Roodebeek
  • 830 – Groenendaal
  • 621 - Kapelle-op-den-Bos
  • 821, 830, 820, 683, 682, 681, 659, 652, 651, 616, and 272 – Brucargo

The De Lijn bus service which operates through Brucargo, leaves from the Platform B. Other services leave from Platform A. It does not cost individuals anything to use the De Lijn between the bus stops that are situated in the area of the airport.

Airport Line (express) – 30-minute service that operates from Brussels Airport to European quarter which is in close distance to the shops uptown. The Airport Line express service (#12) runs from Monday through Friday and serves only the main stops.

Any time after 8 in the evenings and also on Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays, Airport Line runs as a general service which serves every single stop with the #21.

Departing from Platform C are all the MIVB/STIB buses.

Several travelers who try everything to save as much time and money as they can while on a trip, will find that the opportunity to buy tickets from GO ticket machines before they board the bus an ideal one. Accepted payment methods at these machines are bank cards from the Maestro, coins and also credit cards. The tickets that are purchased on the bus are more costly.