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Brussels Airport Parking

There are 12,500 parking spots available at Brussels Airport and 10,600 of them can be easily accessed on foot from the terminal building. The various car parks provide service all through the year for different types of needs. Available are short term as well as long term parking plus special services for parking like VIP parking or additionally safe parking. You have the option of parking the car in a parking area of the ones close to the terminal or opt to let it remain in an isolated car park that offers shuttle free service and service for washing the car and this choice is optional.

Majority of car parks offer designated parking spots on the arrival and departure levels for persons who are disabled. These spots are clearly labeled ‘Disabled Parking Only’ and are positioned quite near to the exits of the car park. It should be noted that to be eligible to use one of these spaces, you must have a parking permit for the disabled and this should be shown behind the windscreen of the front part of the vehicle. Starting May 2012 until 2013 spring, the curb that accommodates arrival – where passenger may be collected, will not be opened for the entrance of taxis, local traffic or emergency vehicles. This is because of the area will be reorganized and renovated. During this period, the road will be resurfaced, pavements widen, pedestrian crossings raised, protective barriers and also new lighting added. This project is planned to heighten the comfort and safety of passengers.

While the work is being completed, all car parks as well as terminals will continue to be easily accessible. Users of the car park should remember that they can drive into the airport’s car park directly from the access route. To facilitate safe and even flow, there will be special signage placed to control traffic.