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Europcar Brussels Airport

Brussels is one of those small European towns that holds great charm, and an intense life that makes it extremely attractive. For those who are about to visit, see today how to get from the airport to downtown. You can now hire a car from Europcar to enjoy this fantastic place. Thus, upon arrival you can have peace of mind. It is a magnificent deal for every business and pleasure traveler. The airport is located near the N-201 and is easily accessible by highway to the ring that encircles Brussels. Please follow the signs for 'Zaventem Luchthaven'. To reach the road leading to the ring, from the airport, follow signs for "RING". It is very easy to identify this sign, thus, do not worry. If anything, you can ask local or security agents.

A little history

Brussels Airport is located approximately 12 kilometers northeast of the capital of Belgium, serving about 16 million passengers per year. According to count the Belgians themselves, during the Second World War the Germans searched the location for its construction, and the inhabitants of Brussels, not related to the Germanic troops, they indicated the current location of the airport, known for its frequent fogs. A disappointment for the occupation troops and the millions of passengers must pass through this airport since then. Moving on to car hire deals, Europcar understands how important is to get to know the most important historic spots. Thus, the liberty to drive around is hard to ignore. There is no need to take a cab, which will leave your pocket empty. The highway will easily lead to the center of Brussels. Get a map and or a GPS and drive around Brussels with the best car! Luckily, cars is certified and you will avoid paying 30 Euros per ride. This company is reliable and you will have the trip of your life!