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Alamo Brussels Airport

There is no doubt that Alamo Car Hire at Brussels Airport can make your trip an unforgettable experience. There is no reason to wait many hours until you catch a taxi or a bus. How about driving around and getting to the chosen hotel upon arrival? Below are hints and facts that will guide you thoroughly.

Cars and extras

These and many more are the advantages of renting the car at the airport, for example there is a lot more variety of cars than in any other location in the center of Brussels, you can find small, inexpensive Alamo Car models or luxury cars, or even MPVs and vans if you have booked in advance. In addition, rent your car at the airport will save you money and time to move to other modes of transport.

Booking online

How about booking from Alamo prior to your trip? In addition, by booking online, which can make leaving only 25% of the total reservation, you ensure the availability of the car and can reach up to 10% discount on total price. If you prefer to book by phone, we have a number you can call 24 hours for free! This is a great option to avoid dealing with uncertain issues.

Extras and accessories

To book extras such as baby seats, GPS, extra room for skis or other supplements, should be made clear at the time you make the reservation and note that it is the duty of suppliers, not ours, so surely you to pay a portion when you pick up the car at the office.

About Transportation

Trains, buses and taxis connect the airport with urban areas. The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level 1) and is available in 4 trains per hour. Trains arrive at the main stations of Brussels (Gare Centrale, Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi) and also other cities like Ghent, De Panne, Leuven, Landen and Quiévrain / Quévy. Bus stops are located at level 0, in the arrivals hall. Line 471 goes to the Brussels North train station and the 659 goes to the Metro station Roodebeek.

In short, if you hire Alamo Car services, you will save yourself from traffic issues and much more. In turn, the company has an airport shuttle. To conclude, note that Taxis run on meter and this can be quite expensive. A car hire deal is the way to go.