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Brussels Tourist Attractions

Each year, there are approximately 20,000 visitors that are drawn to Brussels Airport and they get to experience a lot more than viewing airplanes. Visitors become acquainted with several areas of the airport when they are accompanied by an expert airport guide. These visits are arranged in German, French, Dutch and English.

Brussels is interestingly the capital of Belgium, Flanders as well as Belgium. The life of this city began as a castle-like place and advanced into the famous market square then on to blossoming into a social, political, and economic Flemish capital center. There are numerous things to be seen in this city such as the fascinating café culture that is found in Grand Place and the unusual comic strip. Some of the most popular places to see outside of the exquisite Brussels Airport include:

Town Hall - Hôtel de Ville – When you get to the Grand Place, you should make sure you go see this creepy place. It came about in 1402 and service as civic government seat. The attractive construction with its windows that are arched-shaped and towers decorated with sculptures such as St. Michael in the act of killing a she-devil is something that you should not miss. If like many visitors you feel like you have a lot of energy, you can climb the lofty Brabantine Gothic tower that is 96 meters high and take pleasure in the spectacular view of the city from that height. This location is opened to the public April to September on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3:15 in the afternoon, Sundays at 10:45 in the morning, October to March on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m. The cost for entrance is EU$3 and children that are under the age of 6 do not pay.

Grand-Place – French/Grote Market – Dutch – The tourist attraction of Brussels that is the most famous is Grand-Place. However, when it just started it could not be described as glamorous. In fact, it was merely as swampy spot situated in the middle of two brooks called broek sella. There is a history behind this regarding the naming of the city.

Today, Grand-Place is a must-see site with its attractive medieval look and is known as the major market square of Brussels. There is nowhere that is better to lounge about and take in the spectacular guild houses that were erected to replace everyone one of the wooden houses. If you are in the area during August, you have to take a look at the decoration of the Market Place by Belgian cultivators who design an exquisite flower carpet with about 700,000 begonias. Bear in mind though that this is done every two years so if you do not get to see it the time you are there, you must arrange to come back the other year to experience this event that will remain in your mind forever. Everyday business is conducted in the square and this is where you will find some cafes and local bars and an excellent representative of the café top quality culture of the city.

Cartoon Strip - Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée – You will be pleasantly surprised if seeing it for the first time and continuously fascinated if you have seen it before –the work of comic strips that are found in a large amount per square kilometer. If you are a cartoon lover, you will be appreciative of the museum that was dedicated to comic strip.

The above-mentioned must-see sites of Brussels are only two of the great places that the city offers to visitors as well as its own residents. Ensure that you collect your trip map at your car hire counter and get all the information that is required for you to spend your trip in awe and pleasure.